‘At MPE, we firmly believe in a set of core values that define and guide our business.
These values are applied in our day-to-day operations, and in our relationships with our customers, suppliers and the community.’

Nicola Evans, Production Director, MPE Electronics

Integrity at MPE Electronics


At MPE, we act with integrity, regardless of the circumstances.

This means that we value transparency, through honest and open communication and always strive to do the right thing.

Trust at MPE Electronics


Trust is the foundation of what we do.It plays a fundamental role in our relationships with our customers, suppliers, personnel and stakeholders, in general.

Reliability at MPE Electronics


At MPE, we take pride in being reliable. This means that you can count on us.

Quality, traceability, high standards of service and accountability are what set us apart.

Flexibility at MPE Electronics


Flexibility is a fundamental feature of our daily operations. We do our best to accommodate our customers when the sudden need to amend an order arises. This includes implementation of design changes, at short notice.

Commitment at MPE Electronics


We are committed to delivering an excellent service to our customers through dedication, constant training and innovation, as well as being forward-thinking and adopting a can-do attitude.

Social Responsibility at MPE Electronics


At MPE, we place a high emphasis on sustainability, protecting the environment and being caring towards our staff and our community.

We are committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion and hugely value respect and tolerance in the workplace.

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