Meet the Team

MPE Electronics Strategic Materials Co-ordinator

Tel: (01825) 764822

Claire Long

Strategic Materials Co-ordinator

Electronics manufacturers need a highly effective strategic materials co-ordinator who is involved in creating quote folders and entering new enquiries on to our quote tracker.

When I started at MPE Electronics, I was just a teenager and worked on reception. From there, I progressed to office administrator, responsible for purchasing, progressing and releasing complete kits to the shop floor, and then into my current role.

As Strategic Materials Co-ordinator I’m involved in creating quote folders and entering new enquiries on to our quote tracker, sending out requests for quotes and liaising with suppliers to get pricing and lead time information for components as per customers’ bills of materials. I then compile and compare the returned data to get the best price and delivery for our customers.

I also provide additional administrative support for purchasing as required and get involved in the schedule, works order and queries regarding materials requirement planning.

The roles I have held within MPE have definitely helped my understanding of how different elements of the administration process work and how good teamwork leads to a faster, more efficient service.

The best thing about working for MPE is the people – there is a real sense of friendship and a ‘we’re all in this together’ mentality. I also like not working Friday afternoons!

If I were stuck on a desert island I’d like to have a solar-powered firestarter with me, because if I can build a fire I can boil water to drink, stay warm, cook dinner and signal for help.